Restore Your Reputation After Assault Charges

Restore Your Reputation After Assault Charges

Work with a skilled lawyer in Houston or Tomball, TX

What begins as an argument could lead to legal consequences in a matter of minutes. Facing misdemeanor or felony assault charges can be scary, which is why you need a dependable attorney to guide you through the defense process. Choose The Law Offices of Jose Molina PLLC for representation in Houston or Tomball, TX. You'll partner with our bilingual criminal defense attorney to work on your case and advocate for your innocence.

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Calling on nearly 2 decades of experience

After practicing law for more than 19 years, attorney Molina has legal representation down to a science. When you choose The Law Offices of Jose Molina, you can have confidence in your legal team.

Our process includes...

  • Meeting with you for a consultation to go over the details of your assault charges
  • Building a strong defense on your behalf with all of the available evidence
  • Advocating for you in the courtroom and in front of the judge
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