Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation covers a large scope of cases, from Personal Injury, Consumer Issues, Product Liability and Commercial Litigation.

When business transactions turn into disputes over things such as Breach of contracts, Damages, finances, product liability, antitrust issues, insurance and many others, the parties involved may seek compensation through Tort or commercial litigation.

These parties will normally hire a litigation attorney to represent their interests and seek to settle the dispute via mediation or come to an informal agreement. At the Law Office of Jose Molina, PLLC, we will handle every aspect of your lawsuit, and we know how to pursue maximum damages, whether after a jury trial, through arbitration or through a settlement that protects your best interests.

A Houston, TX-based commercial litigation attorney will file your lawsuit, and then seek to resolve the dispute through a settlement favorable to your business. If a settlement is not possible, the case will be taken to court and your lawyer will pursue a verdict awarding you the maximum damages in restitution for your financial loss, court fees and other expenses.