Facing Deportation in Houston, TX?

Facing Deportation in Houston, TX?

Learn about your options for a deportation defense

You may expect a stressful and dramatic series of events from a deportation hearing. While the reality is much less formal than this image, you'll still want a deportation defense attorney. An attorney from The Law Offices of Jose Molina PLLC in Houston, TX will work hard on your behalf to seek a favorable ruling for your situation.

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How to find your attorney

If you find yourself facing a deportation hearing for the first time, you'll want a deportation defense attorney by your side. You have the right to ask your judge for the time to find an attorney. With this request granted, the judge can move your hearing to a later date, and you can seek an attorney to help you with your deportation defense. Our attorney will help you build your defense and represent you in court.

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