Fiance Visas in Houston & Tomball, TX

Fiance Visas in Houston & Tomball, TX

Turn to an experience immigration attorney

It can a be a tough situation when you are engaged to be married, yet your spouse lives in a foreign country and you are not certain how to get him or her legally into the United States. Fortunately, immigration laws provide a method that a determined immigration attorney can use towards getting your future spouse here to the U.S. At The Law Office of Jose Molina, PLLC we have over 18 years of dedicated experience in helping people obtain the visas they need. Our firm's commitment is to excellent customer service with reasonable legal fees, so that your immigration requirements can be fulfilled.

If you are engaged and are a United States citizen, a K1 Visa will permit your fiancé to legally come into the country for a 3-month period. Once your fiancé is here, we can then prepare and submit the proper documentation for an application for conditional permanent residency. As the visa process can be complex and an incorrectly

filled out form or missing information can stall your application or cause its denial, it is vital to have an attorney who is not only experienced but is willing to fight for approval of your visa.

How to Obtain a K1 Visa

The application for a K1 Visa is begun in the U.S. and is then passed on the U.S. Consulate where your fiancé lives. There are forms to be filled out and documentation to be provided by your fiancé in order to complete the application process. Items such as a birth certificate, a valid passport, several photographs and proof of your valid relationship and financial support will be required. If your future spouse was married previously, a certificate of divorce or death of the prior spouse will be needed. A police certificate of good conduct and documentation to show where he or she has resided for 6 months or more will also need to be provided. Additionally, your fiancé will need to get a medical examination as part of the visa process.

It can take several months to obtain this visa and once it is approved, you must ensure it is used within 4 months or it will no longer be valid.