Searching for a Misdemeanor Attorney?

Searching for a Misdemeanor Attorney?

Turn to The Law Offices of Jose Molina PLLC in Houston, TX if you have a misdemeanor charge

While misdemeanor charges may not seem that serious, these charges can still result in serious penalties. You need to find a misdemeanor attorney to represent you in Houston, TX. The Law Offices of Jose Molina PLLC can represent you. Our misdemeanor attorney will walk you through your charges and work with you to create your defense.

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Learn more about Texas misdemeanors

A misdemeanor lawyer can help you understand what kind of charges you're facing. Just a few examples of misdemeanors are:

  • Burglary
  • Petty theft
  • Carrying a gun without a permit

Texas law categorizes misdemeanors into three classes: A, B and C. The penalties that could occur as a result of your charges will change depending on the classification. If you need a misdemeanor attorney to break down the charges you're facing, reach out to us today.