Let me say at the outset that I have never put much stock in internet reviews. If the review is good, I wonder if the writer had a vested interest in what they were reviewing. If bad, were they just having a bad day? No way to tell. So I want to assure all readers that this review is 100% true and on the up and up.

Our situation was dire. A thousand miles away from us, our son was in deep legal trouble and facing serious jail time. We didn't know anyone in Houston who could recommend an attorney, and so we turned to the internet to find one. To our great good fortune, we stumbled upon Jose's website. And when we subsequently called him, his calm, professional demeanor was an instant salve to our worries.

At no charge, Jose patiently listened to all our questions, answered them succinctly, clarified the legal issues, and offered several options for resolving the case. Most importantly, he gave us hope. Jose was also very clear about the cost of his services. No hidden surprises. We had two options: a single flat fee for the entire case, or a very reasonable hourly rate.

Jose was the captain of our "team". He kept us thinking clearly, and not emotionally. Every step of the way he solicited our opinions and thoughts, and helped us to understand that we were in control of the decision making process. He was the neutral referee who told us what the legal consequences of those decisions would be. This was tremendously empowering in a situation where we felt helpless and in the dark.

Throughout the entire process, Jose stayed in constant touch with us, and he always responded to calls and emails quickly, usually the same day, if not within hours. And we're talking about dozens and dozens of calls and emails in only a couple of weeks. In the end, Jose negotiated a settlement, thus avoiding a costly trial, jail time for our son, and the potential dangers of a jury or judicial judgement.

Also important to note is that Jose is one hell of a nice guy. He is personable, warm, down to earth, easy to talk to, and has a wonderful affinity for the little guy. I wholeheartedly recommend Jose Molina for any legal problems you may be having.

Joe F.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Joe F.