Take Trespassing Charges Seriously

Take Trespassing Charges Seriously

Hire a dedicated trespassing defense attorney in Tomball or Houston, TX

Trespassing might sound like a minor crime. But Texas takes property rights seriously, and a conviction could lead to jail time and a permanent criminal record. Make sure you have proper representation by calling The Law Offices of Jose Molina PLLC.

Our trespassing defense attorney will examine the details of your case in Tomball or Houston, TX to help build the strongest possible defense. You can rest assured that we'll make every effort to exonerate you or argue for a reduced infraction. Contact our criminal defense attorney at 281-919-1647 to discuss your case.

What counts as trespassing?

Trespassing can occur on all kinds of property, from a residential lot to agricultural or government-owned land. To count as trespassing, you must be...

  • Physically present on the property in question
  • Acting in an intentional manner
  • Disobeying a visible sign or verbal communication to leave

Our trespassing defense attorney can review your case and explain everything to you. Hire a criminal defense attorney with nearly 20 years of courtroom experience when you contact us today.