Get Protection When You Need It

Get Protection When You Need It

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U visas are an option for immigrants who have been a victim of a crime and will assist with the investigation. The Law Offices of Jose Molina PLLC in Houston, TX has a U visa attorney who can assist you. Our attorney will help you understand if you qualify for this kind of visa and guide you through the application process.

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What qualifies you for a U visa?

If you're seeking a U visa, your immigration attorney will need to prove several things. To qualify for a U visa:

  • The crime must have occurred in the U.S.
  • You must file a criminal report with law enforcement
  • You need to have suffered significant physical or mental abuse
Additionally, it's important to note that you don't need to know the perpetrator of the crime, and the perpetrator does not have to be a U.S. citizen. Reach out to our U visa attorney today if you have any questions about eligibility.